1. rural, far away, distant, the middle of nowhere.

2. isolated, inaccessible

3. (Of a chance) frail, slim, marginal

4. cold, distant, aloof

Abbreviation of remote control, so named because it controls a machine from a distance.
Could you pass me the remote? From here it's remote and the chances that I can reach it are very remote.
by Lorelili March 18, 2011
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Located far away; distant in space.
The lake was located in a remote area.
by America Nicole August 21, 2006
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used to turn on or off your telivision, stereo, DVD player, etc...
The remote turned on the tv
by Alexius November 7, 2003
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The act of tuning into someone's conversation so you can jump in and either be relevant/irrelevant to the discussion.
Kyrie sat remote for a second before he jumped into Jontae and Donaven's conversation.
by Praise_j March 6, 2014
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to mote again.
hey bro, did you remote? Nah bruh, I ain't even mote once today.
by draftpro November 29, 2022
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Something people use to change channels with because they are too lazy to get their ass off the couch
Clicking the remote is probably a mean of excersice for some people
by claustrophobic chicken December 11, 2004
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abbrev. of "a long way from the nearest TV remote control"
Go to a remote beach where it is safe to eat the shellfish. Dig them up at low tide, leave in water to eject sand, cook on a driftwood fire at dusk. You will remember this day.
by Simonius_Titius_Underpantius January 11, 2011
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