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Pharmaceuticals, i.e.: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, that enable limp dicks to get a boner.
Bob Dole was the original spokesperson for Viagra. He needed a boner drug in order to get some wood.
by kajoe November 12, 2006

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hard, small caliber shit balls accompanied by copius amounts of flatus. When bearing down to take a shit, the fart gas propels the shit at high speed into the water of the toilet resulting in a wet ass.
Holy shit, I just had a supersonic shit that splashed toilet water all over my ass!
by Kajoe September 06, 2006

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Anywhere in Delaware that is not the coast or Wilmington or Dover. The residents of Delabama usually drive big Ford pick up trucks, are into punkin chuckin, nascar and are missing some of their bicuspids.
Bob is from the great state of Delabama!
by kajoe May 08, 2009

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The act of losing your life because you disregard your own personal safeety and get too close to a dangerous animal.

Named after Timothy Treadwell, a self-appointed researcher who lived among brown bears in Alaska for 13 summers before getting killed and becoming lunch meat.
Steve Irwin, The Croc Hunter, was treadwelled by a sting ray yesterday.
by Kajoe September 04, 2006

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A remote town, a place so far away from anywhere else that nobody wants to visit or live there. Almost like being in exile.
David got a job assignment that sent him to Outer Buttfuck. He had to take three planes to get there.
by kajoe October 07, 2006

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when obama goes to a city many blocks around his destination are shut down causing a horrendous traffic jam known as obama lock.
I tried to drive across town but the obama lock was so bad, it would have been faster to walk.
by kajoe September 15, 2009

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Formerly known as a Ponzi scheme.
A lot of people lost their life savings in a Madoff Scheme. Too bad they didn't do their due diligence before handing over their money.
by kajoe June 29, 2009

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