(n.) An effeminate gay man, generally without protrusive body hair, who enjoys the company of a bear. More commonly known as a chaser. This usage is more common in the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes regions of the United States. Derived from the name of late American video-journalist and environmental activist Timothy Treadwell (1957-2003), who enjoyed living among bears.
I caught Josh hanging around the bar on Bear's Night. He's such a Treadwell.
by Dylan ###DaShizz### September 24, 2009
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bear excrement, named for Timothy Treadwell who after stupidly choosing to live in the Alaskan wilderness with wild bears was eaten by them. the mauling was a horrific incident bringing attention to the power of Alaskan bears. Timothy Treadwell may not be related to Mead Treadwell.
Hey, did you see that Treadwell in the trail; there must be a bear near by.
That dude is a real Treadwell.
by holy canoly May 2, 2013
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An individual who possesses the lion-share of common sense, and uses it to his advantage; one who exhibits integrity and a strong work ethic (deriving from ancestral survival on the Georgia farmlands); one who works hard but understands the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Simple); one who finds the simplest route to accomplish a goal and enjoys great success as well as the ability to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor; one who lives by the credo "Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan"; one who only chooses a college major that has a career associated with it, otherwise what is the point?; practical yet fun and willing to take reasonable risks.
I woke up late but the Treadwell in me pushed me to get to work on time and get the job done. I planned to be lazy but the Treadwell in me urged me to complete the task. I wanted to buy a Mercedes but the Treadwell in me bought the Honda instead. I thought about just laying low this weekend but the Treadwell in me pushed me to do something different, something new.
by Gabriella di Sorrento February 3, 2010
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A term commonly used to describe a night of drinking that includes at least 25 shots or more.
John- Man, I think I'm gonna do a Treadwell tonight

Jimmy- Bro... ok... but don't call me in the morning to clean up all the puke.
by keefkeef123 December 12, 2012
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The act of losing your life because you disregard your own personal safeety and get too close to a dangerous animal.

Named after Timothy Treadwell, a self-appointed researcher who lived among brown bears in Alaska for 13 summers before getting killed and becoming lunch meat.
Steve Irwin, The Croc Hunter, was treadwelled by a sting ray yesterday.
by Kajoe September 4, 2006
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A Treadwell is either a male or female. If its a male, a Treadwell has a humongous penis and is a very good friend in bed. If its a female, a Treadwell has the cutest ass and nicest set of titties and is the best sex you will ever have. Treadwells are very athletic and are geniuses. Treadwells are very popular and if they don't get caught up with drugs, they are very successful. If you ever meet a Treadwell, treat them with respect because they are not scared to stand there ground and are very good at it. If you date a Treadwell, never let them go because they will do wonders for you and will be there for you always.
Damn your lucky, your with a treadwell
by blueeyedbandit December 10, 2013
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If you ever meet a Kaiya Treadwell in your life then you better take advantage. Do not take your chance for granted. She will be the most caring, kind, smart, and loving person you will ever meet. Once she’s gone you’ll never find anyone like her again. She strives mostly in english and usually needs a little bit of help in math but that is what Kaiya’s bf is there for. She will marry a guy that she dated at a young age and they will love each other forever. His name will start with a k or a t. They will have 3 kids and he will be an athlete who makes a lot of money so the whole family will be very happy. Kaiya’s are usually the most beautiful person you will ever meet so go make sure you haven’t lost your chance yet.
Holy Shit!!! That girl is beutiful, almost perfect. It must be a Kaiya Treadwell
by I Love You Kaiya April 16, 2020
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