People who think the definitions on here are real.
Lucy is so stupid she asked for a strawberry shortcake last night
by Condescending One May 1, 2016
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When you're about to say the r word, but you stop yourself.
"OMG Tom is re-so stupid. He hasn't responded to any of my texts about hitting Tyngsborough tonight."
by suhunu December 14, 2019
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sure your loved...people just dont post stuff about you on a slang dictionary :)
I feel so unloved stupid urban, but yeah i know ya love me guys :)
by RAWRMRBOO February 3, 2010
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my friend lukas said something so wtupid i made this
me:hey lukas you is stupid
lukas: ok

lukas is so stupid
by FLAT KAT March 1, 2022
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