44 definition by Kajoe

a prosthetic silicone testicle
Richard had a foul ball. The doctor removed it and replaced it with a superball. Even his girlfriend can't tell the difference when she gives him a ball hummer.
by kajoe December 06, 2006

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The scale by which a man measures his dick. Johnson inches are less than an official inch. The range is anywhere between 1.5 to 2 johnson inches to each official inch.
Rob claims he has a nine inch dick, that's because he is measuring it by johnson inches.
by kajoe February 28, 2010

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To be in a difficult situation, i.e.: hanging with your ass/junk out in the open through no fault of your own. Being made vulnerable.

Derived from the anonymous 48-year old skier who fell through Chair 37 on the Skyline Express ski lift at Vail, losing his pants and dangling upside-down and bare-assed on January 1, 2009.
When that dumb ass Greg didn't get me the reports I needed for the meeting, he really put me in chair 37.
by kajoe January 08, 2009

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to do something so stupid that you lose your life.
Timothey Treadwell was the ultimate jackass when he became lunch meat for the brown bears at Katmai National Park
by Kajoe September 04, 2006

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a co-worker who eats any and all food that is brought into work. He rummages through people's offices when they are not there and help himself to any candy, gum, cookies, etc. The food parasite NEVER, EVER brings anything in to share with other people nor does he contribute any money towards the purchase of any food.
Rudy is such a food parasite. One morning he ate a pound of bacon by himself when breakfast was served at work leaving some people with nothing at all.
by kajoe December 21, 2009

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Weighing over two hundred pounds.
Denise is easily busting a deuce.
by kajoe September 19, 2006

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urine; liquid waste excreted from the kidneys into the bladder and then out of the body.
Jake whipped it out and let go of some kidney juice.
by kajoe September 19, 2006

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