When your college roommate keeps you out of the room because they need it for sex
Tommy: dude, it's 11pm. Aren't you going to bed?
William: I've been exiled, man. Trent brought in another bitch.
Tommy: what?! But that's the third time this week!.
William: I know. (sighs)
by Broken English April 22, 2018
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A group of elite gamers, every where they go they leave behind owned people and bring with them new pro allies.
OMG, Did you see that Exile member, man I hope I never have to play anything against him/her.
by Japanadabear July 26, 2009
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A person who has been cast from his own group(s) or home by his own peers for being super annoying or just being unbearable.
Brad, you just don't click with us, prep-boy. You're exiled.
by Frost Riker June 30, 2003
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A song that Slayer has produced that expresses my true feelings about my father, my interpretation of this song is about the pure hatred you have for one thing, though you have others you want to exile that one problem from the others and deal with it so that the problem will finally go away, this another Slayer song that I can relate to, and I did the same in my life I exiled my problem with my father and now everything is better
Exert from "Exile":

"You self-righteous fuck
Give me a reason not to rip your fucking face off
Why don’t you take a good look in these eyes
Cause I’m the one that’s gonna tear your fucking heart out
My hate is contagious; you’ve got no one to run to
by cough* December 21, 2004
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The Siberian Husky character from the popular cartoon series, Road Rovers. His powers included super strength, heat/ice vision.
1: Who's your favorite RR?

2: Exile, of course.
by TaeianTwist February 12, 2005
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