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The artificial manufacturing of the universe's most precious creation, vagina -- if god made anything better than pussy, he has kept it for himself. The Frankengina is a similar perversion of god's intent as the one described in the sci-fi classic "Frankenstein."

A Frankengina is created by taking a real working dick and turning it into a non-working, fake pussy. Then the excess/left over penile and scrotal tissue is used to manufacture artificial beef curtains that still smell and taste like ballsack when you're munching them.
Just the nauseating/horrific thought of being tricked into going "downtown" on a Frankengina is enough to swear off being a "vagitarian forever."
by kajoe March 06, 2007
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1. A deformed or disgusting looking,smelling, or tasting vagina.

2. When bowling and you recieve a split of two pins that are not directly to the left or right of eachother.
1. "I didnt fuck that bitch last night, because when she was naked i looked down and she had a frankengina."
2. "Haha, dude you just got a Frankengina!"
by Drewsthestud December 13, 2006
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What happens when a guy really fucks up your vagina irreparably and has erectile dysfunction. Not a pretty sight. Scariest vagina ever.
oh yeah it's a frankengina mibad
by victimoffrankengina October 26, 2010
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