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emoticon asshole symbol
sometimes u are such an (_*_)
by kajoe August 28, 2006

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A layered (not mixed) drink made of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish cream and Crown Royal (in that order, and ideally with just a float of Crown), the Duck Fart is to Alaska what the Mai-Tai is to Hawaii and the Margarita is to Mexico.
After a bad day of duck hunting nothing goes down better than a good duck fart.
by Kajoe August 29, 2006

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A huge baby stoller, sometimes holding two kids, that a woman uses to plow through crowds of people. The owner of the mall assault vehicle usually has spackled on make-up, a knock off Louis Vuitton bag and nails that look like talons. She cares little about anyone but herself.

The mall assault vehicle folds down to barely fit in the back of her oversized leased urban assault vehicle.
Damn, that bitch with the cellphone attached to her ear just rammed her mall assault vehicle into my achilles tendon!
by kajoe October 20, 2006

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The response to seeing some moron doing something incredibly asinine.
Eric has a poisonous pet albino monocled cobra as pet. It bit him and almost killed him.

You can't fix stupid.
by kajoe February 01, 2011

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When one kills one's spouse.

Named for the low rent district of Anchorage Alaska where spousal abuse is rempant due to lots of booze and weed.
Ron is single now. He went out and got a spenard divorce last week after drinking a case of Rainier Light.
by kajoe August 28, 2006

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In Jamaica it means large hard penis. Woody. The big bamboo.
Steve bought a "jamaican guitar" that was made out of a large piece of bamboo. "Big bamboo" was painted on it. Steve thought it really was a jamaican musical instrument. It was not. It was the Big Bamboo! Made by the locals and sold to stupid tourists who didn't realize they were really purchasing a big penis! (Hey, mon! You see that stupid tourist spent $20 on the big bamboo!)
by kajoe August 29, 2006

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Fast and furious masturbation by a male.
He was beating off so quickly it was almost like he had a turbo fist.
by Kajoe September 04, 2006

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