36 definitions by Julian

A decent IRC client which pales in comparison to XiRCON.
<siseneG> You're still using mIRC? Here: www.xircon.com
by Julian December 18, 2004
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One of the greatest phycobilly bands ever. They where all born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. members of nekromantix are kim nekroman (coffinbass), Peter Sandorff (guitar), and Kristian Sandorff (drums).
by Julian October 23, 2003
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a more gangsta way of saying told(important words,look up if you dont know them gangsta and told)
You thought you were tough,but you just got oged nigga!!!
by Julian April 05, 2005
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rhyming words together

ex.Cutie the bomb
Met her at a beauty salon(see how that ryhmes...a rappers abilty to make words ryhme is flow)
After seeing the defintions for rap, i felt obligated to post the true meaning
by Julian August 31, 2005
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Created By Strong Bad, a "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"-like character made from permanent marker and a polaroid of Strong Mad. Also known as "Ready for Primetime"
Strong Mad: Sweety cakes. SWEETY CAKES!

Strong Bad: Sweety Cakes? S-ohhhhhh, yeah I guess it DOES look like one of those "Sweet Cuppin Cakes" guys!

Eh Steve: "Eh! Greg"
by Julian June 08, 2004
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