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"cyber" is not a word.

It is simply filler for off-brand marketing trash.
Johnny purchased a Cyber-cable brand power cord, and was electrocuted to death.
by Julian March 15, 2004
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1. the opposite of da frontside. da backside is a sexual position, and one of choice for men working at the depot. getting a piece of tail is never considered complete without "doing her from da backside".
Jim "Piece of tail on da weekends?"
Phil "Could be."
Jim "Do 'er up from da backside?"
Phil "Sure did."
by Julian December 06, 2004
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usually contains pertinent information for all da guy. da liss sometimes omits dum dum because he whines and complains.
Guy! Guy, check da liss!
by Julian December 06, 2004
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The VERY brief sound one makes when killed suddenly and violently.
What's that falling from the sky....? It looks like a pe - DARGH!
by Julian November 11, 2003
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slang word for decent

also means nice, good, ill , sweet
y"o thats a deec girl your with"
by Julian January 29, 2005
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Luxury model of the Pontiac Firebird line. Introduced in 1971, Discontinued in 1982 with the chassis redesign. Usually came with uplevel interior and audio systems. The rare early-to-mid-70s Firebird Esprits with large engines are excellent sleeper cars.
"Is that a Trans-Am?"
"No, It's an Esprit"
"But it's got a 400 and a 4 speed."
by Julian August 20, 2003
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Someone who messes around doing a lot of activity and takes a long time to get job done
Instead of fafing around, I'll get an expert to fix it
by Julian May 08, 2003
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