36 definitions by Julian

when a girl is giving you a hand job, she moves your dick around like an old atari controller
I was a little sore the day after she gave me an atari.
by Julian February 02, 2005
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A semisynthetic penicillin having a broader antibacterial spectrum of action that than of penicillin G. It is effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and used to treat gonorrhea and infections of the intestinal, urinary, and respiratory tracts.
The ampicillin transfer via plasmid was successful in creating cells that were formerly killed by ampicillin.
by Julian April 04, 2005
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It means when some body dont wanna do nothing it means u (boocy) boring or Jackedup aka
Man i wanna go home. then the other person says nigga u boocy
by Julian February 19, 2005
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African slaves in Cuba hide their religion given his Gods names to christian icons.
Babaloo aye is the name african slaves give to Saint Lazarus.
by Julian March 14, 2005
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to smash something violently
Yo, I banged your sister last night, dude!!


I banged up my car pretty bad on the highway yesterday.
by Julian October 24, 2003
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A black person who acts white or sounds white, or a white person who acts black/sounds black.
"White guy: Yo foo', sup nig?"

"Black Guy: Hello guys, how are you?"
by Julian April 16, 2005
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Either a prostitute that belongs to only one person OR a straight guy who has been put in jail and turned gay in there.
This is my biatch. OR You just got outta jail? You a biatch?
by Julian March 29, 2004
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