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Fine as hell, got curves in all the right places and from a 1 to 10 is a certified 20. (Usher took that from me, dont get it twisted)
Alicia Keys is my wife, but she sure as hell aint no C-A-R-A.
by Julian July 04, 2004

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THe greatest band ever, smart , sexy, great fashion, most important their on genre of music, nobody sounds like them the best evermade
when talking about the strokes is like talking about music and the greatest music ever made
by julian April 09, 2005

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One of the greatest phycobilly bands ever. They where all born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. members of nekromantix are kim nekroman (coffinbass), Peter Sandorff (guitar), and Kristian Sandorff (drums).
by Julian October 23, 2003

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original,the truth
he's a dinky dye ausie!
by julian December 11, 2003

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rate of travel of schoolyard gossip. similar to warp drive. did you ever enjoy running into a corridor to find some fat bastards satchel lying open on the floor only to give it a fucking great kick?.... no?...just me then.

someone started a rumour that the headmaster is knobbing the music teacher, if this gets out it will be round the playground quicker than the contents of a fat kids schoolbag! these top trumps are excellent, they're gonna be round school quicker than the contents of a fat kids schoolbag
by julian June 17, 2006

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A gaping abyss of a pussy. Feels like fucking a bucket of rice pudding.

Other similes would include: minge like a hippos yawn, pussy like an axe wound or the little used, arsehole like a clowns pocket.

Note from author:

Hope you guys don't suffer the same fate. It's an experience that will stay with you your entire life!!...
Felt like I was throwing a sausage up Bedford High Street.
Fucked this girl last night, her pussy looked like a vandalised bus seat.
by julian December 15, 2013

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The Crunkiest, Hardiest, and Most Lethal side of Houston, Texas. It is mostly populated with Mexicans. Crips run the South East, but dont mind the SLOBS, cuzz they aint about shit.
The South East is holdin it down in Houston, Texas.
by Julian November 29, 2004

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