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a word that can be used as an adjective, noun, verb, adverb, etc.
Used when you can't think of another word, like "whatchamacallit," "thinamajig," etc.
Used in Music:
"play that little frisbee there."
(similar to ditty, or short melody)

Used as adjective:
"Get your frisbee ass over here!!!"

Used as "whatchamacallit":
"Bring me that frisbee."
by Julian April 07, 2005
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rate of travel of schoolyard gossip. similar to warp drive. did you ever enjoy running into a corridor to find some fat bastards satchel lying open on the floor only to give it a fucking great kick?.... no?...just me then.

someone started a rumour that the headmaster is knobbing the music teacher, if this gets out it will be round the playground quicker than the contents of a fat kids schoolbag! these top trumps are excellent, they're gonna be round school quicker than the contents of a fat kids schoolbag
by Julian June 17, 2006
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Just aggreeing. The word appears in an A Tribe Called Quest song on the album "The Low End Theory."
"I never half stepped because I'm not a half stepper.
by Julian April 07, 2005
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When u have beef wit another person and u yell it. IT means u mean what u say
mike : shut up bitch

JON : Nigga u shut up imma beat yo ass and its like dat 4u..
by Julian March 07, 2005
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Originated from the Joke: "What Do You Say When Your In A Submarine And Something Goes Wrong? - What The Hull" created by Jules In Taroona Science 2000
by Julian June 22, 2003
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A gaping abyss of a pussy. Feels like fucking a bucket of rice pudding.

Other similes would include: minge like a hippos yawn, pussy like an axe wound or the little used, arsehole like a clowns pocket.

Note from author:

Hope you guys don't suffer the same fate. It's an experience that will stay with you your entire life!!...
Felt like I was throwing a sausage up Bedford High Street.
Fucked this girl last night, her pussy looked like a vandalised bus seat.
by Julian December 15, 2013
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meetings, gatherings, or staff meetings. Often one person does the majority of the speaking in a broken dialect. Commonly everyone who partook in the viande feels a little less intelligent when they leave.
Boss: "Guy! Guy, we have a meet today, so stick around after break for a viande.
by Julian November 25, 2004
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