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A Big Stomach with long Brown Hair. Or the Act of Shoving someones face into a big hairy stomach.
Dude you just got the Rice Pudding!
by JustLastic December 03, 2007
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When you suck the dick of an asian guy, until he enjaculates in your mouth.
You than spit it into his arse and lick him out
"David loved giving his Thai boyfriend a rice pudding, he knew his boyfriend loved it""

"Let's go to the Star, pick up an asian and give him a rice pudding"
by Glenn Griffiths August 25, 2006
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what happens when you try to tweak 500 horsepower out of a car that only weighs 500 pounds

(or what happens to your motorcyle when you go 200mph on highways designed for cars doing 65)
did you see that rice-rocket?

rice pudding you mean.

by dave cole April 14, 2005
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