I wanna kiss you
by totomorda October 16, 2014
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A very challenging (To the point of insane frustration) freeware video game made by Kaiyan. The idea is you take the place of "The Kid" and travel through worlds to kill and claim the title of "The Guy." The game uses a metroidvania style map, as in you can freely travel up, left, down, and right to explore a giant map while the game play can be described as Megaman-esque (You are able to jump and shoot..that is just about it). Most of the areas, bosses, and music are borrowed from classic video games such as Tetris, Mario, Street Fighter, and even Metal Gear. It should be noted once again that the game is frustratingly hard but is also a lot of fun if you happen to enjoy old video games. Google "I wanna be the guy" and click on the first link to download it. Note: There are harder games out there, probably the worst I've played was the Super Mario Bros. hack named "Super Mario Forever" not recommended..not fun.
I have 2329 recorded deaths on I Wanna Be The Guy. I am currently facing The Guy!
by Grand_Monarch June 26, 2009
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same... same bud
Other Classmate: same
by billie ellish September 30, 2019
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What someone says when they want a hug. You must always hug them back. It is not a choice. This is the law of everything.
Fred: I wanna hug.
Nameless Evil: No way u ugly
*Nameless Evil is struck by lightning*
by Bananapants Fred December 4, 2014
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literally everyone in high school rn... like literally kill me now #nocap
teacher: “homework due tomorrow.”
homework- 5,000 page essay on the Great Depression, study chemistry notes for test tomorrow, 3 pages of work for algebra, study for ACT, go over new basketball plays for state championship, and google classroom assignment for English.
me- “i wanna die”
by YayDreyHay January 3, 2019
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