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When u have beef wit another person and u yell it. IT means u mean what u say
mike : shut up bitch

JON : Nigga u shut up imma beat yo ass and its like dat 4u..
by julian March 7, 2005
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a word that can be used as an adjective, noun, verb, adverb, etc.
Used when you can't think of another word, like "whatchamacallit," "thinamajig," etc.
Used in Music:
"play that little frisbee there."
(similar to ditty, or short melody)

Used as adjective:
"Get your frisbee ass over here!!!"

Used as "whatchamacallit":
"Bring me that frisbee."
by julian April 8, 2005
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1. the opposite of da frontside. da backside is a sexual position, and one of choice for men working at the depot. getting a piece of tail is never considered complete without "doing her from da backside".
Jim "Piece of tail on da weekends?"
Phil "Could be."
Jim "Do 'er up from da backside?"
Phil "Sure did."
by julian December 6, 2004
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The Crunkiest, Hardiest, and Most Lethal side of Houston, Texas. It is mostly populated with Mexicans. Crips run the South East, but dont mind the SLOBS, cuzz they aint about shit.
The South East is holdin it down in Houston, Texas.
by julian November 29, 2004
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A black person who acts white or sounds white, or a white person who acts black/sounds black.
"White guy: Yo foo', sup nig?"

"Black Guy: Hello guys, how are you?"
by julian April 16, 2005
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No definition.

"cyber" is not a word.

It is simply filler for off-brand marketing trash.
Johnny purchased a Cyber-cable brand power cord, and was electrocuted to death.
by julian March 15, 2004
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THe greatest band ever, smart , sexy, great fashion, most important their on genre of music, nobody sounds like them the best evermade
when talking about the strokes is like talking about music and the greatest music ever made
by julian April 10, 2005
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