noun, A Place Where: 1)Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, 2)Summer starts in April 3 )Macaroni and cheese is a vegtable 4) Porches are wide and words are long 5)Pecan Pie is a staple 6) Y'all is the only proper noun 7)Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy 8)Everything is Darlin' 9)Someones heart is always being blessed.
by southernbelllivin November 12, 2010
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Contrary to the opinion of many northerners, the south is not a place filled with rednecks drinking whiskey, playing banjos, sleeping with our cousins, and beating on black people. In fact, we are actually pretty tolerant, as a whole, of other races and religions (i would like to point out that the biggest riots when they integrated schools were in boston.) We also have a very unique culture including music and literature. A lot of great writers and musicians were from the south, such as B.B. King, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Anne Rice. We also contribute to movies as well, since many great actors such as Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones hail from here. So biased northerners should get a clue, or maybe read Gone with the Wind, the most beloved work by an American author. It's by a dirty racist southerner, I hear.
If Pennsylvania was so much better than the south, why don't you just pack your bags and go back!
by Charles McCrory August 2, 2007
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Made the butt of jokes by Northerners. The South is filled with hard workers, some of the most hospitable people you will come across, friendly and down to earth, and are surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is also filled with people who can build, successfully grow gardens, and if disaster struck, generally live off the land. Because they have the wit and skill and determination to do those things that Northerners do not. The South is not full of racists or dumb people, the South has educated people and civilization---also the part of the United States where the most common sense is used. People are appreciative of what they have, and work hard to get it. They have manners and morals, and is arguably one of the calmest places to live in America.

The South tends to have its own feel to it. From hustling cities to winding country roads. From Victorian-styled homes to modern-day houses. It has charm and natural beauty. The people are proud of who they are.
"Stupid Southern idiots. Don't they know how to read or write or even speak?"
"Well, obviously. Nashville, Tennessee, is actually called the Athens of the South because of all of its colleges and universities."

"What's so special about the South?"
"It's naturally charming. It is also home of the Linville Caverns, Grandfather Mountain, the birthplace of Jazz, the Biltmore Estate and Gardens, and more."

I'm proud to be a Southerner. Even if that makes me a hillbilly, a redneck, a flag waver, a backwards fool . . . it doesn't matter! I am proud to say I am a Southerner.
by Roseatter August 18, 2013
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1. South East part of the United States

2. A land filled with many Christians and Republicans sometimes referred to as "Jesus Land".

3. A place where the old trailer parkRednecks Hicks teach kids how to hate at a young age.
Cletus: Now looky here Jimbo I dun told you aint to have sex with my sister!
Jimbo: Well why not paw?
Cletus: Oh shut up boy.
Jimbo: Hey paw. Y'all see dem black folks over dere?
Cletus: I see dem boy. Les hurry on home and talk bad bout dem Niggars! Dem queers!
Jimbo: Dun talk so loud Paw dey might beat us up like dem gooks did!
by bebo January 4, 2005
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A place where beliefs on creationism, race, nutrition, religious difference, childrearing, women's roles, gay rights, and labor rights are 150 years behind the rest of the country.
"I wanted to know more about the 1800s, so I went to the South. They don't find the behavior of this Paula Deen character at all out of the ordinary."
by Justice777 July 10, 2013
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Those nice places like Australia where the spirit is free to be Dionysian.
'The South is certified as a wise place of peace.' -MC Optimus of Downsyde
by Force Majeure January 12, 2009
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1. A place where everyone wears a Larry the Cable Guy t-shirt and a Dixie Outfitter hat with one of those dumbass gold fish hooks on it.

2. A place where nobody finished high school because they were all too busy "throwing in a fat one" and dreaming of that deer they killed from hundreds of yards away while hiding in a tree stand wishing slavery was still legal and listening to Garth Brooks drone on about how great beef jerky is.

3. A place where nobody ever learns to read.
Boy: Pa, I want to learn to read.
Father: READ!?! What are you, a damn Yankee? Have you forgotten your Confederate roots? You're from the South!
Boy: Hell yeah! Fuck reading!
Father: Good, now go get me my Skoal so I can watch Fox News.

by The Freaking Pope December 4, 2005
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