Online sex that loners engage in if they are too ugly and boring to get a real boyfriend/girlfriend.
Loner1: Hey wanna cyber?
Loner2: Sure, baby, let me virtually take my clothes off.
Loner1: This is so great.
by Ember November 11, 2003
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Exchanging arousing words over an instant messenger, sometimes with the intent of getting each other off. Pictures and webcams are sometimes used.

Cybering's got a bad name. It's like porn, but you get to talk to the person! (quick, guilt-free, exciting, no strings attached, and you don't have to worry about calling anybody the next day)
"Remember, kids, the only 100% effective birth control is abstinence.......and CYBERING!"
"I love to cyber and show people my naked ass on the internet!"
by pdots April 9, 2007
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1. a way for couples that are seperated by countries, states, cities, or even rooms to engage in sexual activity when they can't do it like normal people

2. something for literate people to jack off to
1. "Man, I miss my boyfriend so much, we're gonna cyber tonight and get off!"

2. Your words, they touch me so much I'm gonna cyber.
by lilmissbrassplayer June 16, 2008
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1. Computer network: cyberspace
2. To have non-contact sexual oritentation through cyberspace with another
After connecting his computer to the *cyber* world, he was excited about *cyber*ing with a female in the Yahoo! chatrooms.
by Legato Bluesummers November 5, 2003
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So you really like him, huh? Have you two cybered yet?
by The Grammar Nazi January 14, 2002
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when 2 stupid losers feel horny and start having "sex" online by typing what they do. Then they both are jacking off to the computer screen. Arter that they both find out that the 'gurl'or the was really some old fat guy.
Loser #1:"Want to cyber?"
Loser #2:"Oh yes i am so horney"
Loser #1:"Let me suck ur dick baby!"
Loser #2: "Ahh this feels so good!:)"
by "Bullfrog" January 6, 2005
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Internet role-playing, also known as "cyber sex"

Usually curious tweens/teens, people can't get a girlfriend/boyfriend in real life, or 50+ pedophile/child molesters engage in this activity.

You can find people who want to "cyber" in chat rooms, and sometimes through IM or other social networking site.
(You can get banned for initiating this behavior in some sites.)

It's basically self-masturbation while sitting at your computer.

Cyber + Chatrooms = No Life
lonelygurl: hey, wanna cyber?
lonelyboi: sure!

lonelyboi: *enters you*
lonelygurl: *moans*

Later that day...
Lonelygurl: I lost my virginity virtually last night!
by jessisayswhat? June 26, 2009
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