A severe, sudden and powerful surge of electricity entering your organic being and frying your inside bits.
You can survive being electrocuted if your feet are rubbery.
by BennyBenny July 10, 2019
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When someone elects to drink too many 'depth charges' thus forcing them to become a spectator for the rest of the night.
Broski, you were electrocuted last night. How many D-Charges did you have?
by Catenacci April 27, 2008
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The result of throwing your plugged in toaster into your toilet.
Boy 1: did you hear Jimmy threw his toaster in the toilet
Boy 2: Yes he went quick in one of the many ways of electrocution.
by ShadyFlute December 6, 2019
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To kill something using electricity. In common usage, the word is incorrectly used as a synonym to "shock," which means to apply electricity to. This usage being far-spread does not make it correct, however.
Incorrect: My science teacher electrocuted me when I entered the classroom. (Unless your science teacher is a murderer.)

Correct: The man, condemned for third degree manslaughter and arson, was electrocuted.
by Anonymous_YXZ August 9, 2006
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A sex act in which a penis is inserted into an eye socket.
You remember that chick with the eye patch? She gave me electrocution last night, brah.
by MrPang October 12, 2010
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If sum1 gotta hairstyle lookin' like he/she's been electrocuted whilst same time it's cute.
If ya wanna 'come more cute, jusdo yaself electrocute.

Dat boy looks so electrocute.
by chipskid May 16, 2010
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one of patty's life lessons and analogies on how a person can die.
If you don't be careful, you may end up like the electrocuted squirrel.
by okthisisstupid August 29, 2009
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