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What sailors do.
He's swearing like a sailor.
by Jsummers33 December 19, 2016

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When you are having sex or jerking off on New Year's Eve and you climax exactly at midnight.
I celebrated a happy sploosh-year last night.
by Jsummers33 December 09, 2016

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Another word for diarrhea.
I pushed to hard with that thick piss and got wicked splash back
by Jsummers33 December 13, 2016

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The signal that your body sends you that lets you know to shit within the next 10 minutes or your gonna shit yourself.
I was in the middle of the football game when I got a shit alert
by Jsummers33 January 08, 2017

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When you are on the toilet and push really hard; a fart opens the butt hole and a turd shoots out so fast that you don't feel it crown.
I pushed so really hard and I shot aircannon. It shot out so fast that the splash back got in my anus before it closed.
by Jsummers33 December 08, 2016

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When your girl makes you wear a condom while she is giving you a blow job.
My girl is really into head safety
by Jsummers33 December 20, 2016

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When you live stream on Instagram and only one person is watching.
I was live streaming the other day and there was some Instagram facetime going on.
by Jsummers33 December 15, 2016

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