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To get played, getting ripped-off for something.
Damm yo, I got jerked man, they sold me this jacket fo 500 when it was 250 at the store next door.
by MiZ TYZ April 09, 2007
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to get/give the run-around. to get played.
"i got jerked around!"

"quit jerkin' me around!"

"you got jerked!"
by calan November 20, 2003
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to be pissed off or annoyed with someone or a situation; also used in the phrase "jerked off". although I usually just use the terms "pissed off" or "annoyed" myself, I've heard this phrase by certain people in NY (although as a fellow NY'er, I smile a little to myself, since the terminology to me means yanking someone's yam, lol).
"I saw some guy checking out Tom's girlfriend last night & he looked pretty jerked."

"Mike looked really jerked off when he realized he left his iPod on the train."
by ceecee73 December 04, 2008
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When someone’s muscles are very big as a result of lifting weights.
Did he see that guy at the gym? He was jerked!
by Big D you know me June 08, 2018
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