1. The act of your weewee/vagina leeking.
2. Sometimes forced act of urinating.
I am peeing on your leg.

Bobby can't stop peeing his pants.

She is peeing abnormally.
by CJDJ September 12, 2005
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Term used when friends are laughing obnoxiously loud; or when something is very funny. Almost as if they are about to pee their pants, but not actually urinating.
by ckkay December 14, 2010
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The pee pee is a beautiful aspect of the universe that has incredible, unrecognized talent. There are many misconceptions that the pee pee is simply a stick that only serves the purpose of deposing of liquid waste within the body, when in reality, it is so much more. It conveys a very beautiful message that is beyond human understanding. Something that is yet to be discovered by man. It has been loosly predicted that in at least 200,000 years, after humans have further evolved that we will finally understand the true meaning behind this majestic piece of evolutionary art we call "the pee pee. "
A fricctard: Woah, pee pees are stupid haha fricc you pee pee head

Intellectual: well, might I remind you that pee pees in fact are one of the most important factors to human existence. We are dependant on the pee pees unmeasurable power, and we own them every ounce of respect within our bodies.

Fricctard: What the actual hell.
by SuckaFatOneuwu April 7, 2019
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A situation in which you cannot decide whether to pee or hold it in until the next opportunity arises. Usually at the time when the urge isn't that bad.
Hmmm, to pee or not to pee... I'll hold it in until we get home, these reststop bathrooms are gross.
by mjg10 June 17, 2011
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The funniest way to describe one's penis, making them sound like a complete ass.
Hey bitch, look at my pee pee.
by blargh shit August 18, 2003
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