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1. Male sexual excitement. Becoming sexually aroused to the point of penile erection. Growing a boner, stiffy or hard on.
2. Growing characteristically tougher. Referring to the hardening of one’s character usually brought on by great hardship.
3. Becoming difficult.
1. “Whenever Sarah gives me that look, she know's I'm getting hard”
2. “These final exams keep getting me down. I’m getting so hard I don’t give a shit anymore”
3. “It’s getting hard to tolerate your Mum’s dutch oven morning wakeups”
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by Dude_why_are_my_socks_wet July 23, 2016
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According to Zack Smith from facebook, "getting hard" is the act of coming to someone's wall and "posting shit with an attitude."
are you getting hard with me?
by jehmeaz July 24, 2006
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