fucking hard. The kind of guy you wouldn't mess with under any condition, like Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon. Normally quite squat, very powerfully built. People who are Nails shirk off car/plane crashes as if they have grazed their knee. Crazy russians who wrestle bears are nails.
faaaaking ell.. large Larry took aht 20 cozzers before they got the cuffs on im... then he chewed off 'is own aaand to escape. E's fucking nails I tell yah.
by chavspotting April 30, 2004
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adj. A shortened form of the phrase "tough as nails". Applies to one who is mentally/physically strong.
"He kept his composure despite a string of bad luck and untimely errors. He was nails."
by razorsharp84 September 8, 2005
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A very rought type of, usually, male individual.

Nothing in particular, except the person is usually known to cause pain or to be able to handle what others would call intense amounts of it.

They often drink beer, smoke cigarrettes, and go out with sexy girls.

True story.

My neighbor was nails, he was in a car accident where his truck rolled many times without a seatbelt. He got out to smoke a cigarrette, and went and stood by the drunk man that hit him, communicating, with the man missing bodily parts and expelling massive quantities of fluid.

Only someone nails would endure such an occurance unscathed.
by ate July 17, 2006
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Really disgusting or hugely irritating to point of being equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Often used by drag queens to describe a really heinous performance or by women and gay men dishing out shade against another for being gross looking, sexually unappealing, or otherwise unsettling in appearance or nature.
Eww...that bitch's voice is so nails. I just want to pull her tracks out and stuff her mouth with a toilet wand.
by A. Chav December 6, 2013
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Homosexual term originating in Hawaii for describing something unpleasant, ugly, mean, etc.
Happy Birthday, Mary. How does it feel to be an old queen now?

Response: Gurl, you're nails! In eleven days I'm draggin' you down with me!
by DD Lovey September 12, 2005
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1. "you so NAILS!"
2. "I hate him, he's so NAILS!"
3. "Mary, that was so nails."
by Bud. January 5, 2006
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