13 definitions by Joshua James

Steve came over to help me build the deck, but he's about as useful as an arse full of roasted snow.
by Joshua James October 11, 2006
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A woman who berates her man for peeing without washing his hands even though he has only touched his dick - an object she doesn't think twice about popping in her mouth.
Look Emily, if you want to prove you are not a hypocrite, I'll go back in there and wash my hands.. then you go in there and suck on the faucet I just touched and see which one of us gets botcholism first.
by Joshua James October 17, 2006
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An impliment for removing skid marks from the toilet bowl. Manufacturers tend to stick to the retarded notion that it should be white.
Bill: I used the toilet brush the other day because I know you hate a messy bowl.
Anne: I know. I had to use your toothbrush to get the dried shit off the white bristles.
by Joshua James October 18, 2006
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Fuck me socks, often worn with fuck-me-pumps ( FMP )
God that girls such a slut, she's wearing FMS under her FMPs
by Joshua James October 18, 2006
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A communication protocol sometimes used to connect to internet servers from remote hosts.

Seldom used due to it's inability to display pornography.
telnet playboy.com
Connecting to playboy.com
login: hughhefner
password: ********

hughhefner % titties
titties: Command not found
by Joshua James October 12, 2006
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The somewhat disappointing realization one has shortly after fucking a hot Asian hooker in the ass for $3 that something is horribly wrong.

It becomes obvious somewhat belatedly, that although this is the hottest chick you've ever banged, a quick post-coital inspection reveals that she appears to have a penis.
Honey, there must be some mistake - I must have gotten it from a toilet seat - or maybe that fuckin Tokyo Surprise.
by Joshua James October 12, 2006
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Tatum O'Neil > Tatums > Tits

Holy fuck, her O'neils are stunning!
by Joshua James October 9, 2006
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