An experienced LSD user who hangs out with you during your first trip to make sure you don't do anything stupid.
first timer: "It's so hot in here! I'm burnin' up!"
sitter: "Just chill, I'll grab some Pepsi's and we'll go to
to the lake."

first timer: "I have to warn my neighbor about the volcano
in my face!"
sitter: "Just chill. I already told him. Let's sit back and
listen to Blind Melon."

first timer: "I can feel the acid but I'm not getting any
sitter: I got a couple joints. Let's go down to the
waterfall and puff. That'll help you out."
first timer: "Thanks, man. Thanks for being there for me,
ya know?"
sitter: "It's cool, homey. No biggie."

by FrIeNdOfMaN June 18, 2006
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the sexier of the two in a relationship, you don't have to chase to get significant other as you're too good for that
Oh my gosh Becky, you are totally the sitter, you practically didn't even need to try
by bojays March 3, 2018
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A girl who looks good sitting down but when she stands up it is clear that she has a large bottom or thighs and is therefore much less attractive than anticipated.
A girl or group of girls (sitters) arrive early at a pub or bar and get a good seat. They remain seated all night so that nobody sees their unattractive half. Then, you spent some time chatting her up and when she gets up to go home with you/give you a kiss whatever, you see that she is much less attractive than anticipated. On a night out you need to watch out for sitters- they deliberately try to trick you!!
by Sylvia Spy October 3, 2006
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A small, heavy-set woman can be referred to as a "sitter".

The term is the antonym of a "spinner" which is a small, petite, thin woman who could possibly spin around your cock like a top during intercourse whereas a "sitter" will just simply sit on your dick like a broken fridge during sex and let you do all the heavy lifting.
Yo, I was trying to mack on Angela that tight Asian spinner at the party last night hoping she'd act like a propeller on my cock back at my apartment, but she bailed early so I picked up her sitter friend Beth. Man, that chick just squatted on my dick all night like she was living in a foreclosed house and wouldn't leave.
by Ambiguousgenitals January 26, 2021
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A typically easy catch, especially in sports such as cricket and baseball, usually worthy of ridicule if dropped
I can't believe he dropped that, it was a sitter!
by ajmason87 July 17, 2006
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To do a burnout while standing still.
Nice Fc RX7 with the turbo ls swap. will it do a sitter with the 4l80e auto trans?
by Julian loves woj September 29, 2017
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One who always sits out on everything; not very active in activities or just too lazy to do it.
Harold: come on Mike lets play some basketball!

Mike: nah I don't want to..

Harold: man your such a sitter!
by Michael X June 7, 2005
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