Rarely; not often.

not common; infrequent.
"And I know it's true,
that visions are seldom what they seem."
- Once Upon a Dream
by heartbreaksofeden September 27, 2017
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radnom cretin whos neva seen and feels sorry for themslevles
or a word sombody calls themself who thinks tht ther kool coz they took it from the song bye elbow
"i am the seldom kid" "no youre not yore a douche fag"
by aswomesauseer August 23, 2009
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Ghetto word for sell them.
My brother gave me a pair of Oriole tickets, so I seldom to buy a candy bar.
by fuko August 20, 2003
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1. A “Lothario” or “Romeo”-type gentleman usually residing in the “Four Corners” region of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northern Arizona or southern Utah – best known for having multiple wives scattered across a vast and barren landscape, showing up less than some of said wives might prefer, and even then for dubious purposes more often than not, as well as lending a certain fertility to the otherwise sere landscape.

2. A mythical figure or western archetype modeled on the Jack Mormon River Guide from the Edward Abbey-crafted character in the Monkey Wrench Gang. Friend of Doc Sarvis, Bonnie Abzug and George Hayduke. Husband to many, constant companion to none.
Seldom Seen Smith didn’t come around often, and when he did he didn’t stay for long.

Seldom Seen Smith wasn't expecting the river of tears, but he deftly navigated that rapid into the sack -- and he was off before the sun came up over the Green River not to be seen again until the season had changed and the frost was on the land and absence had once again made the heart grow fonder.
by Seldom Seen Smith December 7, 2020
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A penguin biscuit that actually has a good joke.
Charlie: "Hey man, can i read your penguin wrapper joke?"
Eithel: "Why bother, the jokes on it are so bad"
Charlie:" You never know you might have a seldom Peg-Bis"

*Looks at wrapper*

Q. What do penguins sing to each other on their birthdays ?

A. Freeze a jolly good fellow

Charlie: "No not this time."
by GearGrinder August 19, 2009
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Stands for SELf DOMination. Is a part of BDSM. When an individual craves domination over themselves.
I wanted to tie Joe to a bed, guy told me he likes seldom, so he did it himself.
by sproott May 19, 2020
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