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things that go on your feet and should not be used otherwise.
my socks keep my FEET warm
by leah December 02, 2003
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To get an excuse from a girl who does not want to hang out with you that is probably not true. This comes from the often excuse of "I have to do laundry" instead of watch a movie at your apartment.
I called that girl from the bar to see if she wanted to come out tonight but she gave me socks.

Did you ask her out?
She gave me socks.
by Alden Crissey February 03, 2009
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Some Other Cunt's Kid

The annoyance of some other male having impregnated a female with his spawn and causing down-stream problems for other guys. Problem being she'll suck your for cash and may have a child to the new guy.
"Jesus dude! Stay away from her, she has a SOCK!"
"A what?"
"A fuckin' SOCK! Some Other Cunt's Kid!"
Oh, shit. Give that one a miss..."
by The Davo July 08, 2010
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1. A garment usually worn between your foot and footwear which is meant to facilitate optimum body temperature, maximize comfort and decrease disgusting foot odor. Generally comes in pairs.

2. A disposable ejaculatory device used by lonely, socially inept young men who do not like to masturbate in the shower or ejaculate all over furniture.
1. "Man, these new socks are really helping me maintain optimal, maximize comfort and minimize disgusting foot odor. And look, I have one for each foot."

2. "John, where have all your socks gone? I could've sworn that I bought you a pack just last week."
by desperryado October 03, 2005
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1) A type of clothing that is worn on the feet to help absorb moisture and sweat. It also provides heat and is especially useful in keeping cold feet warm. There are many types of socks which some includes crew socks, knee-high socks, ankle socks, no-show socks, toe socks, tab socks. Socks usually comes in a pair and in a variety of Colours.

2) A clothing used by a male to masturbate into. A sock is usually inserted on to the penis to help catch the semen from shooting after ejaculation when a male reaches orgasm. For a male with a sock fetish, the sock would either be inserted on to the penis or wrapped around the tip of the penis at the starting of the masturbation to enhance the amount of pleasure a sock fetish person will feel. Warm water could also be added to the sock to imitate a feeling of a female's vagina. (Note that ejaculation into a sock could cause the sock to become crusty due to the protein.)
1) Son: "Mum, my socks are worn out from absorbing too much sweat!"
Mum: " I'll buy some pairs for you when I'm out shopping. Which type of socks do you want?"
Son: "Could I get some ankle socks please!"

2) David: " Hey John! Have you tried masturbating into a sock? It's a great way to not only catch your semen, but it also adds more pleasure! But be sure to wash your sock or it'll get crusty"
John: " It sounds like a good idea! I'll try it out later."
by Socks Expert August 15, 2017
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Something nobody can ever find
Hey dude, did you take my socks? I cant find them.

-Nah dude, you probably left them at Anna's house.


-Yeah dude, remember last night when you....
by cawos April 05, 2008
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Term used to describe a hit using one's fists.
Shut up for I SOCK you in yo eye!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
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