A city in Colorado, home of the University of Colorado. A crazy town consisting of primarily hippies, stoners, a couple of rich areas, and of course, the college. Very large party school.
Hey John, been up to Boulder lately? I hear there was a massive couch burning yesterday, until they realized that all the reefer was going up too.
by 'rado October 17, 2004
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A Town in Colorado consisting of 8 miles surrounded by reality where the residents are more concerned about the voting rights of their pets than the common good..

A town where wild oats started the craze of overpaying for healthy food...

A Town where marijuana is a staple in everyone's medicine cabinet.
What are you doing this weekend? - I am going up to a place where I can buy a $50 quart of tofu and $5 dime bag of weed...

Oh, you mean Boulder?
by Phinelli February 6, 2010
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A very... unique town in Colorado. Population consists of Left-wingers, weird hippies, Buddhists, old people and hobos. It is an unwritten law in Boulder that you must never eat anything processed, only things from the earth. Another rule is that you must be as bizarre looking as possible. Oh yeah, the University of Colorado's there too.
I went to Boulder and found a hobo who had locked himself in a dumpster.
by Rastablowtorch August 24, 2005
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Boulder has recently been named the healthiest city in the United States of America. This is because the residents of Boulder, CO realize how lucky they are to be able-bodied humans and take advantage of their youth. Boulder is located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, giving the students a breath-taking view of the famous flatirons.
The University of Colorado at Boulder is known for its prestigious academics and world-famous professors. The students at CU are also well-known for their activism. CU Boulder is the most green college campus in the United States, therefore making this world a better place to live in.
To outsiders (mostly pissed-off Republicans), Boulder appears to be a 'hippie infested' city. It is more important to look at the facts: While the greater population of Boulder regularly smokes marijuana, they are still the most fit and sane people in the US.

Boulder, CO could possibly be the best college campus on the west side of the Mississippi River.
Also, it is important to remember that the University of Colorado at Boulder is the most difficult public college to be accepted into in the state of Colorado. So, when someone disses this beautiful city, it is likely that they were rejected from the University and ended up at CSU or UNC.
Person 1: What's one thing that CU and CSU students have in common?

Person 2: What?

Person 1: They all got accepted to CSU.


Person 1: I am so glad we have CSU...

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: They've been keeping all the ugly girls out of Boulder since 1879!!
by healthyactiveyouth December 3, 2010
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1. a large rock.
2. A town in Colorado, where the band 3oh!3 is from.
You's a punk bitch if you don't know about Boulder.
by gjsurjhn July 13, 2011
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College town in Colorado that in recent years has become a commuter parking lot due to a housing jobs imbalance. The homes crossed the million dollar mark and there are tons of cars inbound daily and the infrastructure can’t handle the load of cars everywhere
On the weekends Boulder is dead, but first thing Monday mornings Foothills Parkway is clogged and so is Us-36 and Diagonal Highway.
by Phoenix Simon September 24, 2019
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A fat person with a circle head that looks like a big rock.
Oi you boulder come get over hete
by Boulder123 August 7, 2017
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