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The highest level of drunkenness, close to the level of alcohol poisoning.
She got completely annihilated and had to be carried out of the club.
by Jeff March 21, 2004
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Someone who believes that despite ending Nazism, Communism, Slavery, and Fascism, war never accomplished anything.
See all those antiwar protestors that think we should not have gone into Afghanistan
by Jeff February 27, 2004
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Also Sara. Apologizing is written in her genes.
Sara apologizes for everything! She can't help it, she is Apologenetic.
by Jeff March 17, 2004
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Slang description of disproportionately pronounced/overhanging female posterior. Exeptionally round set of large buttocks on a woman.
She got dat apple bottom, yo.
by Jeff November 16, 2003
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a Kevinism. n. an emo
Dude that guys a fuckin emu.
by Jeff November 9, 2004
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this is an ancient eastern word for booger.
Tip well or the pizza guy will deposit enyo's on your next order.
by Jeff December 20, 2004
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