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Any woman in a relationship (usually marriage) with a man having one or more children from his last partnership. As far as getting along with dads new mate some step-kid's do and some step-kid's don't. Bottom line is that this woman wants to be with the guy so much that she is willing to step-up to the situation.
A group of young-adult's are having a discussion about their parent's and one says " You guy's who's folk's are still together are fuckin' step-mom is a BYATCH, always acting like my mom and shit." Someone else says, " My step-mom is awesome, she don't make me do nuthin' and I ain't neva' seen my dad happier."
by jpg3 May 30, 2011
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an evil being whose sole purpose is to make her step childrens' lives as miserable and unenjoyable as possible until the child can't take it anymore and moves out, leaving the step mom with the house, the car, and the finantial stability. She is also seen as "sweet" and "caring" by people who do not know her personally.
My step mom called me a royal bitch yesterday for no reason at all.
by spiteful_stepdaughter April 18, 2005
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A very Bitchy person. cannot suport herself, thus dating a man for his money. Always hates the children because they use the dads money and attention. Always hates the real mom. Never does helpful trhings without complaining. Acts nice to people that give them money. Hates even there own children. Big babies, super overdramatic.
Step mom: Welcome to our Home
Person: Heres the $50
Step mom: Thanks you can go now, Honey come here I have a papercut
Dad: ya get a bandaid and stop whining my daughter broke her leg
Step mom: Why don't you love me?
by Stacia Laurence January 03, 2010
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1.A poor excuse for an actual mom; someone who tries to make your life as miserable as possible

2.Cinderella's worst enemy

1. My stepmom said my curfew is 3pm, but my stepsister doesn't have one.

2. "Mwahahaha"
by faeriebabe27 December 25, 2008
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A crazy bitch with no job who does nothing but watch TV, bitch, and eat. She spends about 12 hours of her day in front of the TV, and the rest sleeping. She manages to con her new husband into giving her whatever she wants, and does everything she can to make living in that particular house a living hell.

Others who don't live with her think she can be a sweet person, but don't be fooled - she is nothing more than a succubus (assuming she's one of the good looking step moms). Otherwise, she's just some random crazy fat bitch your dad boinked after one too many cocktails.

Total bitch.
Any bitch that your dad decided to live with is an example of a step mom.
by Joexi April 30, 2011
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A woman whom has stepped into your life without caution and once she's been fucking around with your dad for about 2 weeks she thinks she owns him and wants you out of the picture. Basically, a fucking step mom is a wannabe mom, bitch, whore and someone who wants YOU out of the picture, and this cunt always gets her way...
Daughter: Daddy can I have some ice cream?
Dad: Um, I gues--
by Kate<3'sMr.Mathers February 13, 2012
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A Stepmom is some bitch your dad marrys that lives in your house. All she does is fuck your dad and eat all your food. She'll sit on her lazy ass all day and not do any housework. Then she'll complain about how she can't get along with you and she'll kick you out of the house to live with your older sister.
I hate my stepmom for kicking me out of my house to live with my older sister.
by You_don't_need_therapy June 11, 2010
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