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After your anus is overbearing with sweat from physical activity, swanus is created. At this point one inserts their hand into their undergarments and gets a nice steaming batch of swanus in their hand. One will then run up to someone who deserves some vial punishment, and rub their hand all over the other's face. This person has just been swained.
Brad owed me ten bucks for the fireworks, so I cooked him up a nice batch during ultimate frisbee and swained his ass as I was passing by.
by Shalominhousin August 13, 2006
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Swained-(V, past tense) When someone gets you in trouble and then acts like you are friends afterward.
Kevin: Can you believe this shit? This dude snitched on me, then I lost my job, now he's trying to hang out after we get off work.

Randall: Oh shit man, he swained you like that. damn son.
James: WHY the FUCK did you fall asleep at work?
Ezell: I was tired.
James: Wrong Answer. Now you gotta hold my pocket until we done here...but after that, we can go get some beers later and bullshit.
Ezell: I don't want any beers, I ain't being swained like that homie.
by Chico Blacklung January 07, 2011
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