When the penetrating partner takes the receiving partner and folds them in half and then proceeds to fuck them. The foldee is positioned so that their legs are pressed against the folder's body, while the folder presses the foldee's body against the top of their legs.
My girlfriend really wanted it, so I gave her a lawn chair.
by The GD Batman December 6, 2010
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falling on your back, so that your knees fold down to your face.
The man ran on the slick ice, but soon fell backwards and lawn-chaired himself
by tmac2014 December 5, 2011
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the act of fucking a woman in the ass,and mid fucking you pull out so she shits all over your cock.you then spin her around 3 times,no more no less.then she cleans of your cock and sucks you off.then after you finish you piss all over her.
"Hey Frank,you remember that bitch Tracy from high school?"

"Yea what about her?"

"I hit her with The Lawn Chair last night,she ran out of my house crying."
by Psycho Nifkin February 2, 2009
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When you fall and you fold up over your face.
Rob Dyrdek: Thats what you call the lawn chair when you fold over your facelike that.

Kid falling-

Texas slut: Man, that guy just did a lawn chair!

SoCal skank: That was gnarly!
by socal skank August 19, 2011
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to fold up like a chair after being hit
Damn did you see that tackle, he folded like a "Lawn Chair".
by SkinnyJoe666 February 9, 2010
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Someone who folds when confronted, or when conflict affects their own agenda. A person who gives in and agrees to the terms of the other party, regardless of how ridiculous it might be.
Hey Chris, there's no way I'm going to be able to help you with that favor, I know you loaned me money, but I can't pay you back, and I'm not going to help you. (Joe)

Beau says to Chris " Dude, you're a lawn chair, Joe just folded you up"
by Kuntry Beau June 16, 2017
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