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To be high or stoned.
Yeah I was booted last night, we smoked twice!

Your eyes are red, are you booted or something?
by FiNGaS March 08, 2005
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Forcefully removed from your current or former employer, establishment, or place of living.
If your fucking rent check doesnโ€™t clear again this month youโ€™ll find your ass booted deadbeat!

The Air Force booted his ass when they found out he lied about having a criminal record.
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by Mr. Olivia Keating January 02, 2018
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European/Australian term commonly used to say someone has been killed and stuffed in the trunk of a car.
This is due to the fact that Euro/Aussie lingo refers to the trunk of a car as the "Boot.";
To kill a person and put the body in the trunk of a car;
A violent murder resulting in someone's body ending up in the trunk of a car.
Tim: You better watch your mouth, mate! I'll come boot you!

Eric: You can't do a bloody thing to me.

Tim: Just you watch, I already Booted your brother!

Eric: You bloody bastard!
by Hackaday117 February 19, 2014
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To be ugly.

Likens the ugliness of someone to severe facial injuries from being kicked in the face repeatedly with a pair of Doc Martins.
by Schnarff February 07, 2005
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To steal something, take without legal consent, illegal takings.
On her return trip from the mall, she had booted 5 CDs, 2 books, and loads of eyeliner.
by Leisle November 24, 2006
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