To be high or stoned.
Yeah I was booted last night, we smoked twice!

Your eyes are red, are you booted or something?
by FiNGaS March 9, 2005
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removed from the premises of a building or area
since you appear to have broken the rules, you must be booted
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andrew got so booted off of everclear last night
by MyName06 November 17, 2006
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To steal something, take without legal consent, illegal takings.
On her return trip from the mall, she had booted 5 CDs, 2 books, and loads of eyeliner.
by Leisle November 24, 2006
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to stuff a small mexican in ur punani and suction cup that shit
by touchytouchy February 17, 2019
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to smoke a high or mid level type of weed then rite after smoke a low level type and it gives u a differnt/better kind of high
yo smoke this mersh after u smoke dro an you'll get booted son.
by pothead 420 May 19, 2006
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