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the slang term for a "vagina" signifying the utter stupidity of the word, but it also has another meaning. The "Git" part means that you want to "get into", while the box simply signifies the woman's pussy.
Holy Shit! That Bitch has got one dandy gitbox! I'm 'a take a look at it!
by jeff March 2, 2005
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1. Possibly the greatest 2D side-scroller of all time. Released by SNK back in 1996, the series is currently in it's fifth arcade incaranation with two other versions for the Neo Geo Pocket and one for mobile phones.

Also is being used as a theme for a series of Pachinko machines being produced by SNK.

2. The Super Vehicle 001; resembles a cartoonish mini-tank. Has the untanklike power to hop, and is armed with two mini-vulcan guns and a large caliber tank cannon, which can be armed with H.E. and Armor Piercing Rounds.
by jeff February 18, 2004
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An individual who is mentally sub-normal / retarded.
That guy in the rubber hat looks like a bit of a yom!
by jeff February 11, 2005
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tastes horrible
this broccili tastes like oki
by jeff November 8, 2003
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"this pizza is teh 1337 sauce"
by jeff April 10, 2005
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