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(noun) penis, cock, whang
We're friends with benefits , she comes over once a week and sits on my prong while I finger her clit.
by Jake March 24, 2004
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When you roll a ciggarette or spliff using Rizzlas or smoking paper.
Hey man, roll me a fat one
by Jake January 22, 2005
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pet name for a male-shaped vibrator
She slipped Harvey up her bonkie.
by Jake August 24, 2005
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When you and your friends have just smoked a delious bowl and your glass piece is clogged with weed, making it impossible to take a monster rip and someone decides to make a stand and unclog the piece. They do so by sucking in as violently as possible sucking in any buds that may be clogging your inhaling mechanism. He then makes a face of disgust and opens his mouth and shows his tongue. His tongue is covered in ash. He has sacraficed himself in order for the smoking session to run faster and more effiecent.
-"Dude, whats going on, I barely got anything off that hit"
-"I was afraid of this."
-"Afraid of what?"
_"I must 'Take one for the team'"
-"You brave little soldier"
by Jake September 22, 2004
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The term 'krunk' is derived from the word "crank" referring to the crank on an engine, key in the car igition, etc. To get "krunked up" is to get "cranked up" or to get going/turn on. Thus, derives the association between alcohol and drug use.
"'Na sun, goin out der n krunk up dat ride!" means

"Now son, could you please go outside and start the automobile for me?"
by Jake April 04, 2004
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one who enjoys cookies, chips, cake, and cholesteral sticks. fat people don't like exercise and they sweat after they walk from the pantry to the refrigerator.
i hear there's a sale at buskin
by jake January 19, 2005
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Also known as pimp, man who has many girlfriends (bitches) in a short period of time.
Jake is a man slut, he can't keep a chick more than a couple days!
by Jake November 06, 2004
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