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for a male, the woman whose cunt he first fucked

for a female, the man who broke her hymen or at least, the one who first penetrated her pussy with a cock . And that's whether he 'came' up there or not, it still counts as deflowering her.
I still recall my first lay; Barb was a remarkable if relatively-inexperienced partner.

I will always remember my first cock; Jake was very gentle, even when he got into me, said Barb.
by jake January 29, 2004
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a wedge-shaped, stiff pillow designed, to make sex positions more comfortable
Since we got The Liberator sex has been more fun and less work.
by jake March 23, 2004
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(noun) British reference meaning "jail"
Tell me what went on, or you'll be spending tonight in the nick!
by jake February 20, 2004
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the thingy on the wall that controls the temperature of the room. Of course, it will always be too hot or too cold.
The cunt said "its too hot" so I turned the thermostat down and an hour later she's complaining its "too cold in here". So I undressed her and warmed her up in bed.
by jake February 03, 2004
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A crazy awsome funky band that some kids from George School started. They lay down some of the the funkiest jams you should check em out.
Chris is the man, when it comes to layin down the funk man, i used to play with that fucker man
by jake January 01, 2005
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Also known as The Dominator I guess. It's like the shocker but with two in the stink.
Damn that brutha's brave, he's giving that nasty girl the spocker
by jake August 02, 2004
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