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agreeing with someone in a conversation; derived from the language Jag
Scooter Mcdoogle: "You wanna get drunk?" Jake Schrader: "oh hey!"
by jake January 8, 2005
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We were best of friends, I treated her like the lady she was. One night she decided to offer me her v-unit. That was when I learned she was a virgin.
by jake January 11, 2004
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(noun) rubbing a female until she agrees to have sex with you. Starts with her shoulders, neck and back, but if you can get her undressed, progresses to rubbing her vulva.
Ron gave Briegetha a rubdown, beginning with her neck, shoulders, and back, progressing to rubbing the back of her legs thru her jeans, then eventually charming her down to her underpants. Next he moved from rubbing her inner thighs to massaging her vulva.
by jake March 24, 2004
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a vegetable, one of several that make for an excellent "penis". Available in various lengths and circumferences. Best washed and dried before use (who knows where they've been !) Similar to zuchini, carrots, cucumbers.
When she has to come home alone on Saturday night, she cozies up to her vegetable bin and chooses her mate from among the cucumbers, zuchini, carrots and leeks.
by jake February 26, 2004
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Also known as The Dominator I guess. It's like the shocker but with two in the stink.
Damn that brutha's brave, he's giving that nasty girl the spocker
by jake August 2, 2004
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When your roommate is asleep on his top bunk, proceed to come in with your lover and have passionate, rough butt sex with her. You pull out too fast and she shoots poo all over your chest. You are so disgusted by the fact that she pooped on you that you puke all over her back. She is, in turn, disgusted at what you have just done that she turns to yell at you and returns the puking favor. Your roommate is laughing so hard on his bed that he falls off and breaks his arm. you and your lover must take him, covered in poop, vomit, and semen, to the hospital for his injury.
You walk into McDonalds and say to the counterworker, "I would like teh Joe B Special, please".
by jake March 5, 2005
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