The adjective form of moron. To do something which only someone having the qualities of a moron (someone with an IQ of 45-59) would do.
1) You tried to dress yourself in duct tape? Steve, that was moronic.

2) You tried to drink the sprites in Super Mario Brothers? Steve, that was moronic.

3) You posted your MySpace picture on Steve, that was moronic.
by tgadeholt August 1, 2006
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A person that is a moron and an idiot at the same time.
When someone does something so amazingly! stupid! to where you don't know whether to call them a moron or an idiot.
by Chad Gerstmeyer October 13, 2004
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adj. The quality or condition of being a moron; having a mental age of a ten year old.
"Dude, you're moving to the US? Now THAT's moronic."
by IkeM November 3, 2003
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being stupid very stupid moronicly stupid like a shithead.
The A.D.D. boy had a moronic mind... he lost his balls
by HOLYMOFO April 29, 2003
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Someone who’s VERY stupid and RARELY uses their heads.
by Ace the simp January 15, 2023
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