1. a stand alone phrase used as a salutation, normally asked as a rhetorical question.
2. a question that seeks to understand a persons current condition (e.g., mood, plans of action, current actions)
3. what's up?
1. The friend said, "What goes on?" when he arrived at the door of the man he would soon fellate.
2. What goes on, Buddy?
3. After hearing the news, he arrived at his friend's house, approaching the door he asked, "What goes on?"
by Fuckmyname May 2, 2007
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what happens in a specific place or area.
person1"what goes on here?"
person2"we're haveing a party"
by snfromhell March 30, 2005
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When a man is receiving oral sex from a woman, the woman pretends to swallow his jizz load but instead spits it back in the mans face (or spits the jizz into her own hand and slaps him in the face).
D'Angelo: Yo, I was gettin head from this bitch the other day and she usually swallows, this time she spit my cum in her hand and gave me a WHAT GOES AROUND CUMS AROUND, it was messed up!
by dirtychewbacca December 29, 2010
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A well-known phrase that’s very applicable today to our 45th POTUS and the impeachment inquiry which essentially means that if you treat others badly, it will come back to you eventually.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 7, 2019
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