1. anal suppository: small tapered plug of medication that is pressed up into the rectum thru the anus. May be compounded to relieve hemmorhoid pain or to deliver a drug which might attack the stomach lining such as a narcotic. Before the invention of ether, a cigar was inserted into the rectum of a non-smoker to dull the pain of abdominal surgery. An anal suppository is wax-like, formulated to melt at body temperature
2. vaginal suppository: small capsule-like plug of medication that is inserted into the vagina. Most common compounding is to treat a yeast infection. It is formulated to melt at body temperature
She thought she had a yeast infection so she got some suppositories from the chemist to treat it. They came with an insertion wand that made it easy to get them several inches up inside her vagina.
by Jake March 24, 2004
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Inflected forms: pl.sup·pos·i·to·ries A small plug of medication designed to melt at body temperature within a body cavity other than the mouth, especially the rectum or vagina. Also called bougie.
Middle English, from Old French suppositorie, from Medieval Latin supposit*rium, from Late Latin, neuter of supposit*rius, placed under, from Latin suppositus, past participle of supp*nere, to put under
since paul's mouth was wired he had to take a suppository for medicine up the butt
by D'fo March 7, 2004
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An invention is a type of medicine can cause humilition to menhood and probably invented by a badass gay physician to treat his hhomophobic friend.
JOHN: I have fever!
MARY: Go to tge pharmecy and get Paracitamol suppository , it is effective in reducing fever.
by Samooooooo February 12, 2018
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When somebody gets a gun (usually a pistol as to only fire once) and fires it up your ass, causing the bullet to bounce between the insides of your anus before hitting the side and bursting your ass open, causing you to start shitting blood.
Person A: *shoots gun in Person B's ass*
by thaturbandude123 January 17, 2020
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What a friend gives you while reading "Basic Kafka".
Chris gave Caleb a suppository with a marble banana while reading Chapter One of "Basic Kafka".
by freewilly/fathands July 11, 2008
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an imaginary pharmaceutical item that is used to imply a person is being a lame ass, pussy bitch, or suffering from PMS like symptoms.
Tyler: Man Jon is being a big pussy, he says he can't play Halo because his head hurts and he's tired.
Tate: Wow, sounds like he could use a midol suppository for sure.
by midol man May 18, 2013
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n. A driver who accelerates when you signal to change into their lane, even though they have a lot of space to let you in. Very common in Los Angeles driving. Seeing your turn signal, they instinctually step on the gas, and get right up your a**, like a suppository.
I almost had a bad accident because I changed lanes and that signal suppository nearly rammed into me!

It's so hard to change lanes because of these signal suppositories!
by Doctor Science January 31, 2011
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