something that has been done; pas-tense
"I have done (applied) what I have been taught to do"

"Did you follow the recipe this tastes great?"... Yes I did (applied) it.
by G3nrg October 25, 2014
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Let's apply and watch Up In Smoke.
by Foster Bell September 13, 2008
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shortened term of: apple pie.
and so lisa was like, "if you combine the words apple and pie, you'd get something ..." and then someone else was like, "applie."
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"What are you applying" Phrase used by people who are trying to find out what someone else is trying to say
"what are you applying fool?"
by Andy Smith November 8, 2003
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To test ones mental strength, to see if one can perform under a certain amount of stress.
I’m not stopping until I apply pressure to every last one of these Cats on this battle rap shit !
by Jay1900 March 7, 2018
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