When something or someone is the shit or "that person".

Louisiana slang
Kevin: " Oh that hoe pressure"
Jacob: "What you mean?"
Kevin: "She so fine, she can get some."
by texasbahbi October 7, 2018
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problem, it would be said to someone before a fight, got beef
a- fuck you bitch!
b- what nigga you got pressure??
a- bitch nigga i dont give a fuck
b- shoot me a fade then
by danickelina May 6, 2007
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Motion that is not going anywhere.
1.At work I get allot of pressure when things start going wrong and I don't complete things fast enough.

2.If you run a 30-mile-an-hour car into a wall, you got more than 4000 pounds of pressure.

3. The pressure in the tank is air that wants to get out.
by Scottmana November 26, 2007
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African-american vernacular to define hypertension, or high blood pressure.
My mama, her health is doin' better since she got on pills for her pressure.
by grohl March 30, 2005
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the uncomfortable feeling you get when you haven't gotten a blowjob in several years
Honey, I have pressure
Shall I suck?
by Jony McNoNookie October 11, 2013
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That bomb ass weed. Weed that will make you suffocate.
Socket: Aye bro you got that good shit.
Plug: Nigga I got that pressure.
by SamIamDamn November 21, 2017
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