Moho is the street word and slang for the modern day motorhome. Also originating in the Beeston area of Nottingham, England and credited to a Neal Marlow.
Alright duck, we going out in the Moho this weekend?


Shit a brick, the Moho is stuck in the front garden
by Redteddyp March 11, 2018
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"mormon hoe" aka a mormon who hooks up, usually in the form of a ncmo and usually at a lookout lot such as Squaw Peak, and gets as kinky and creative as they can to keep making out interesting while still technically not breaking any mormon rules. some tactics include but are not limited to: biting, bondage, hair pulling, feeling up, durfing, tops off, hickies, boob sucking, licking of abs, hj through the pants, sucking fingers, scratching, teasing
"Hey do you know if Zach from our ward gets with girls? Or is he too holy for that because of the mission"
"Are you kidding he is a straight moho!! He durfs until the sun comes up even on the Sabbath!"
by holybaddie February 19, 2017
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A chick that hangs out with all her homosexual friends on a regular basis. Similar to a Fag Hag but classier.
The boys are going out in the gayborhood tonight with our Mo Hos in tow.
by Lindz888 August 24, 2009
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