pressure device applied to nipples to create pain which produces pleasure.
She often wore her nipple-clamps while working at the computer to put her in the mood.
by Jack May 17, 2004
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A device that typically is composed of 2 clamps with a chain in between.

Used for clamping onto nipples to make them more erect for use in sexual activitys, or in a BDSM environment.
Ouch, I shouldnt have worn those nipple clamps all night long...

the Mistress attached the nipple clamps onto my breasts, and pulled me, subserviantly to the bed.
by Tonya Rose May 25, 2004
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Clamps, preferably purple, that attach to female, male, or feline nipples. Preferably purple, these delightful toys can cause aforementioned nipples to turn a similar shade of purple in color.
BC got disgruntled when she couldn't remove her purple nipple clamps in time for dinner.
by Ishlet July 29, 2008
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