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Kendrick. Where to start. This guy is basically one of the greatest people you'll meet. But watch out! He will steal your bitch. He's super nice, a great bro, musically gifted and smart, but also athletic and willing to get down to business if needed. He's a great kisser, and super good at all the naughtier things in life. Keep this guy close to you for sure.
Kendrick is a fucking bad ass!
He's also fucking a great ass
by TBBD March 31, 2016
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kendrick a nice and caring man, handsome and kind, great in lover and easy to fall in love with.
that kendrick is awesome

girl he wore me out

on a scale 1 to 10 he is a 7 ok maybe a 8
by canibone February 03, 2010
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The best at sex, funny, a great artist, and caring.
On a scale from 1 to 10 how good was he?

"1,000,000 the fuck. He WORE me out."

"He's the best at sex."

"Kendrick is very caring."
by Kendrick Cureaux August 09, 2016
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pulls all the girls
kendrick pulls maddy J ryley and other girls such as thots
by griffin23 July 31, 2016
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The best loving man anyone can have. He is sweet and funny but he is too prude. When it comes to school he slacks off and is late all the time. You cant trust him with anything and he declines every offer you give him. DO NOT TRUST KENDRICK EVER!!
I cant believe Kendrick was late to class and tried to blame me for not doing his project
by DirtyBomb October 13, 2014
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