Home to the original Inca Empire most beautiful galapagos islands, and monument dedicated to the equator. Lead exporter of bananas and petroleum. (among many other things)

Where else can you stand on the equator, eat the purest banana, and walk where Atahualpa, Pizarro, and Darwin came in awe of the garden of eden (ecuador).
The Spanish came in with their wips and raped the shit out of ecuador. Stole their gold, raped the women, and destroyed a celestial empire made in the mountains.
by toryall May 29, 2004
The best country in the world. It is home to a superior race of men who is beginning world domination in Rochester, Minnesota and in Rogers, (the whole) Arkansas.
Meneando la pera
by Jack December 14, 2003
the illest country in the world eat that cuy
by steel August 6, 2004
A country in South America Where It Has to do nothing with the Equator The Capital Is Quito
Hola Is This The Equator No This Is Ecuador
by ThatCrazyBoiLovesMemes December 9, 2018

Anything in, from or pertaining to Ecuador that is adorable.
Dermot: I saw those photos of you two in Ecuador. You guys looked adorable, or should I say, Ecuadorable.

Jarvis and Lolita in unison: Shut up, Dermot.
by DicksInDisguise August 30, 2017
A sex move that involves a fist, the screaming of "waaaagh" and pints of liquid poo. There are far too many variations to nail down a proper definition. Most normal folk often use this particular move in tandem with a donkey punch of Canadian Starburst.
It was all fun and games until she got hit with the Ecuador Volcano Fist.
by Waaagh July 15, 2009
When you call in sick to work but you're feeling fine. Similar in nature to not servicing your sovereign debt when you have billions in currency reserves.
I dunno man he sounded ok on the phone, I think he's taking an ecuador day.
by zerobid December 18, 2008