A religious group that sends 2 people to your door every month until you move out of Utah.
The mormans are here again!
by CrystalCheese April 12, 2018
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the idea when being a matyr to have more virgins than you need you give them to others to have that is it in a nutshell
i was a morman when satan tried to kill me so i gave them away to other people and had multiple sexual partners
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
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A player amongst LDS church that can easily hold hands with all the LDS and non LDS he chooses. Looked up to by many younger male LDS but despised and ridiculed by non LDS. The Mormanizer rarely progresses to the first base but still hits the ball every time, getting all the way home or in more general terms getting laid is unheard of and has yet to be recorded in history as of this date.
"Wow hes got 2 girls holding his hand"
"Yeah hes a mormanizer"
by TKM NEWS STATION November 09, 2009
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Alternative spelling for the Mormon religion.
"That guy is such a morman."
"Don't you mean mormon?"
"That's what I said."
by Melnyk November 28, 2007
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Mormon person who is also a man.
"You're such a morman."
"I'm catholic."
by Melnyk November 28, 2007
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a faith followed by book written by a guy that translated out of a hat from golden plates. who wouldnt show anyone else because he was commanded so.. re-wrote the book and it was different to the original copy, IRONIC???
Hi, im a morman, i believe that morman is a swell religion!!! NOT
by simon.t June 08, 2005
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