The lead singer of a band that can be of any of the genres of jazz, rock and roll, metal, blues or any of the like. The term is usually not used in the hip hop or rap scene. He is the one who is the face of the group, and usually gets all the groupies or first pick of them.

"Man, the frontman of that group is so amazing, the way he does his thing up on stage gets everyone hyped."

"Robert Plant was such a great frontman."
by Chrishtoph McDougalson February 14, 2007
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A frontman is someone who refuses time and again to have anal sex with his girl. Because it's just nasty. Sure, the position's great, but what do we, men, actually get in return? It's just not natural...
Kevin, why won't you have anal sex with me? You're such a frontman.

A: Have you seen Rob theother day? I heard he's a real frontman!
B: Yeah! He's awesome!
by Jason1900 September 08, 2009
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An older guy that an older woman uses as cover while she secretly dates a younger guy on the side. The older guy is simply a "front" whom the older woman uses in public to help hide the fact she is having sex with a guy that could be her grandson.
They might seem like a happy couple but I heard he's just a frontman. She's banging some 20 year old.
by Tigital September 14, 2010
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Someone who gets pissed when a band goes in a direction they don't like.
Guy 1: A new lineup?! This isn't the band I remember! FUCK THEM FOR MAKING MUSIC I DON'T LIKE!

Guy 2: Wow, don't act like such an armchair frontman.
by Tully K January 19, 2009
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Someone who wishes they were the lead singer of a band. Thus causing them to over compensate by singing loudly in the car, hogging the microphone, or bringing their own song selections to karaoke night.

They also feel like they have the necessary ability and talent. However, they have no training and can play no instruments, but feel like being a frontman would be easy to do.
Dave was forever going to karaoke night at the bar to soothe his Frontman Syndrome.
by Mick7even March 15, 2020
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K-media reported on "Korea's Frontman" Jimin representing Korea as the face of the Korean tourism industry and his unique presence which attracts attention from artists around the world.
Korea's Frontman Jimin promotes Korean culture around the world with his professional-like painting skills
by Pinkmochii June 30, 2021
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