the center of a womans breast that become pointed, hard, and erect when they are stimulated or the woman is horny...or really cold...
not a sexual organ, but generally feels good when rubbed, sucked, licked, bitten, or typically turns guys and girls on when they see a girls hard nipples showing through her shirt, especially when the girl isn't wearing a bra.
seeing two hot girls with big tits rub their hard nipples together is enough to get any guy or girl off.
by addy April 23, 2005
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Use the nipples, Harry!
by Cameron September 9, 2004
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look at those nipples, i wanna put them in ma mouth
by Cooptroop September 3, 2004
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they make suckers out of men!
I know that my girlfriend is aroused when her nipples are so big and hard that they could cut glass!!
by Predatory Male January 28, 2005
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the things in the middle of some ones boobies, that become hard when stimulated. and are really hot when are sticking out of some one's shirt.
man, did you see that girls nipples showing through her shirt?!
by Snapshot ATX September 29, 2005
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there are big ones and small ones. fake ones and real ones. different colors. men and women have them. women produce milk. everybody likes nipples.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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The part of the tits that make my pants move. The pointing part generally found in the center. Hopefully they are not huge and brown stained.
Sometimes I rub my tallywacker on my girlfriends nipples the I give her a mushroom tattoo.
by bt February 21, 2003
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