269 definition by Greg

1. a person who is likely to make anyone smile do to his good looks and extreme funnines.
Grady! your so damn hilarious do you have a slide by chance?
by Greg April 08, 2005

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A friend who is only nice to you when it's convenient. Someone who's wishy-washy. Someone who is a "backstabber." Someone who abandons you in certain situations.
Every time you're with Bob, you won't hang out with me. You're such a fair-weather friend.
by Greg October 26, 2003

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A great way to meet fatass pedophiles over the internet. In other words, a good way to get a dick in your ass.
Say, do you remember that chick Joy? Yeah, I met her on AIM. We met at the park, and, wow, she had a penis? I GOT RAPED BY A GODDAM WOMAN WITH A PENIS?!
by Greg September 29, 2004

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a hardon or a boner
I got a woody when she rubbed her hand on my johnson
by Greg August 22, 2003

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A bitch with braces.
When a bitch with braces sucks ur cock its like puttin your cock in a bear trap.
by Greg December 18, 2003

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St Patrick's day is held on March 17th.
It is the date that Saint Patrick died. Saint Patrick is the man who is said to have introduced the catholic religion to Ireland. He tried to explain "the trinity" (3 people in the one god) with a three leafed plant called a shamrock. Hence the shamrock has significance for the day. Originally the day was important only in Ireland but because of the large numbers of Irish people who emigrated abroad and the colorfulness of the celebration the tradition spread around the world.
In Ireland St. Patrick's day is celebrated with a parade of floats, bands and marchers in each towns main street. Unfortunately because of the time of the year it invariably rains on the day.
by Greg March 17, 2004

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So crazy that it is hard to understand
Dang, that was so off the wall crazy, that it was off the wall and then back ON the wall. *credited to a friend of mine* ^_^;;
by Greg June 05, 2003

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